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Straw marquetry is a craft very similar to that of wood marquetry, except that straw replaces the wood veneer. It is thought to have first been practised in the East; examples were brought to England in the 17th century where the techniques were then picked up in France and wider Europe. Straw as a finish was made popular by French designer Jean-Michel Frank who first used straw marquetry in a contemporary way in the 1930’s.

To mimic the varying shades of colour the straw has to be split, soaked in cold, warm, or hot water. The strips are then ironed, and there will be a variety of tones from pale gold to deepest dark brown.

Straw is a natural material that is dried and dyed after harvest. Even if the same colour dye is used each year the natural element of the straw means that the colour will not be exactly the same therefore there is only a finite amount of a specific colour available and once it has been used it can never be created again. It can be compared in a similar way to wine, the grapes may be the same each year but the taste will not be 100% the same.

The Jallu collection displayed below include pieces that have been created and are in stock items as well as previous bespoke commissions.

Bespoke commissions welcomed