Natural porcelain art & installations

Inspired by tactility, vulnerability and the source of emotional human connection

Artist Ula Saniawa is a ceramic artist who creates ceramic lighting and installations inspired by vulnerability, tactility and the source of emotional human connection.

Ula first trained in architecture, working with logic, algorithms and mathematical approach to patterns but left her feeling disconnected and paralysed by perfectionism. In her own words, “the visceral need for grounding in tactility led me to discover clay”. Her architectural background can still be distinguished in her work, as being mindful of a context is an important part of her work with the intention that her work sits well in a space, offering character without overwhelming it.

The process that drives her work is the innate clash of perfection and imperfection, algorithmic and chaotic. The marks left by her gestures and fingerprints in the porcelain offers the sense of vulnerability and human connection and artistry that drives her work. 

Ula works entirely by hand in unglazed porcelain with additions such as stoneware, oxides, crushed marble, iron etc. Each piece is completely unique, through a different design, material response and slight variation in natural gestures.

Hand-pinching clay is intuitive and responsive, this is where my creations come from.

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