Ceramic and glass lighting and fixtures

Embracing natural forms and organic imperfections

In terms of style, Clate’s creations came to life through instinct. The ceramic designs are born out of the “drippie” sculptures (Drippies; miniature sculptures made of sand and water evoking a primordial tower or ancient castle) from his childhood.

Inspiration is drawn from the diversity of the Southern California landscape; the beach, the mountains, the desert, palm trees, succulents, Joshua trees, and driftwood. In addition to nature, Clate draws a lot of the character and structure of his creations from mid-century architecture and furnishings.

“Everything I do is hand built using either slab construction or hand-rolled coils. When building, I like to focus on the inherent quality of the clay, allowing it to take on an organic quality that feels like it comes from the earth. I like to embrace the imperfections.”

Clate’s interest is not in making something that is perfect but wants his hands to be visible, each piece to be unique and the work to have a soul.

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Variations and “imperfections” are an intentional and integral part of the organic qualities of each fixture.

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