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Jallu Ebénistes

The secret masters of of French excellence in craftsmanship and design. Their savoir-faire inspiring generations of furniture makers for years to come.

Discover the world of Jallu Ébénistes

Master Craftsman

Jallu Ebénistes are master craftsmen of museum-quality furniture, wall panels, and bespoke commissions for private residences, luxury establishments, and superyachts. The company’s founders—Yann Jallu, member of France’s prestigious Compagnons du Devoir, and Sandra Scolnik-Jallu, designer and aesthetic director—have decades of experience helping esteemed architects and designers realize exquisite projects. Jallu Ebénistes melds ancient materials with impeccable design, construction, and finish. The atelier continually extends aesthetic and technical boundaries, creating liquid-line fusions between wood, metal, stone, and other luxury surfaces. Their technical expertise encompasses straw marquetry, gypse (selenite or crystal gypsum), parchment (vellum), mica, pyrite, and shagreen (galuchat), as well as precious wood veneers and fine metalwork.

Jallu is capable of responding to more technically complicated projects and their goal is to provide the highest quality custom woodwork available.

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Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Workshop & Galerie

Exceptional furniture, creative design, cabinet makers, unique pieces, fine materials & straw marquetry.

The Jallu Ébénistes company has been recognised for many years by big names in the architecture and high end interior design industry. Jallu is known for their exceptional talent, furniture and custom designed, made to measure creations.

Each piece is conceptualised and crafted by their skilled team at their workshop in Brittany, France.

Jallu’s galerie is based in the beautiful Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris. Nestled among the most prestigious galleries of the Left Bank, Galerie Jallu exclusively presents their signature Jallu furniture, unique pieces and limited editions that make up the “Jallu Collection”.

Jallu regularly attend prestigious events including PAD Paris, Monaco Yacht Show, Salone del Mobile Milan

Finishes & Materials

Horn Cabinet

Green Mica



Straw Marquetry



Shagreen (Stingray)

Wood Veneers


Further information

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