Nusom Collective

An introduction

Our culture is one that nurtures quality and is led by success.

We are delighted to curate and represent the work of some of the worlds best and most talented craftspeople and boutique artisanal makers. We are firm believers that irrespective of the size of a business the quality, creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail is what matters.

“The diamond is not always as big as the stone it is enclosed in”.

We pride ourselves in telling our makers unique stories that lie behind the creation of each exquisitely crafted piece. We do this in a manner that is not only reflective of their business, creative nature and excellence but in a way that is truly reflective of who they are. This is then communicated to our clients and designers through strategic consultation to ensure the pieces are perfect for each project.

By working extremely closely within our makers and artists we are able to fully understand their offering, manufacturing process, their culture and most importantly where their story began and in-turn provide our clients and designers with accurate information, effective and efficient delivery of both product and service.

With an ever-expanding global audience, our aim is to provide a service that is derived from experience, knowledge and skill.

We do this WITH YOU + FOR YOU.

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Experience and drive is by no means limited

“I wanted to bring something different and unique to the interior design world that delivered not only quality product but pieces that are timeless in both their installation and the way that they are crafted.

In addition to this, it was important that I trust and believe in the product that Nusom represents. This is done through an in-depth and personal knowledge and insight into the craftspeople we work with.

The brands we work with all fit under one of Nusom’s core business pillars – each brand is a true maker of their own product and the best in their field. It is this story and heritage that is important to me, us and Nusom.”

Lucy Pye

Lucy is a veteran in the luxury interior design industry and has been fortunate to have worked with and alongside some of the biggest UK and International brands – be it artisans, interior designers and suppliers, educating and assisting to create a true sense of luxury.

With a plethora of experience and successful delivery of multiple brands to the UK from the US and abroad, Lucy found herself in a a fortunate position to explore the idea of her own business early on in 2020.

Why Nusom?

We are behind the name

As with each of our clients, we have a story to tell and there really is a “we are” behind our name.

NUSOM is derived from the French phrase “Nous Sommes” meaning “We are”.

With many businesses today becoming decentralised, devolved and operating with a lean workforce, we wanted to find a name that communicated what we do, how we do it, the bond we have with our clients and the importance of being part of something.

To some this may sound a little pretentious, however, emotion is a big driver in the creative industry and this is something we feel passionate about. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and work with clients that believe in us and trust us as we do them – the results speak for themselves.

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"With you + for you"

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