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Artist: Oil, cold wax and mixed medium


Abandoning the constraints of realistic form to embody a sublime expression of colour

Discover the world of Marielle

Using colour as a vehicle to manifest my thoughts and feelings

Born in Cape Town, South Africa Marielle spent most of her life in Africa. She studied History of art and at Stellenbosch University and then went on to work as a textile designer in Cape Town. She later moved to Zimbabwe where she started her journey as a full-time artist. In 1997 she emigrated to the UK and settled in a picturesque Cotswold village where she paints in her studio today. Her work has been exhibited in Africa and the UK.

“I have discovered a great freedom within myself in using colour as a vehicle to manifest my thoughts and feelings. The colour is no longer bound by form but expands onto the canvas/board to evoke a memory or a vision of a horizon; a threshold experience from which colours either emerge or recede as they are infused by light or darkness.”

Marielle’s use of colour is something to behold, bright and earthen colours are combined elegantly on canvas and board that manifest into landscapes, visions and intricate creations that evoke a sense of calm and intrigue. In addition to the pieces Nusom has on display she she is open to working collaboratively on commissions that compliment interior projects be it size, colour or subject.

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Boundless creativity and steeped in heritage

Vivid colours, intrigue and memories

Inspired by nature

The Costwolds provide an endless beauty to draw from. On her country walks Marielle observes how light and nature work together and when she returns to the studio she reflects upon the thoughts and feelings she experiences, what they convey, the mood or atmosphere. It is through these experiences her ideas manifest and enable her to put her brush to work.

African roots

Marielle’s African roots have inspired her to experiment with different type of media, such as pigments mixed with oil and cold wax. The medium combined with unusual tools and equipment, for example a porcupine quill for fine detail, enables her to express herself and in turn creating a close connection with the subject matter.

Sometimes my paintings become a type of meditation, as I allow the forms and colours to emerge from a deeper source and reveal a vision or a memory of a landscape. This often leads to a great sense of joy and freedom when I paint”