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The Art of Bronze Making

Tisserant Art & Style

Celebrating Parisian haute couture in the medium of bronze. Lighting, furniture, objet and custom projects created using traditional methods combined with creative flair.

Discover the world of Tisserant Art & Style

Celebrating heritage of the past and of the future. Tisserant Art & Style has been making bronze creations since 1930 and perpetuate the spirit of the creations and achievements of the craftsmen of yesteryear.

Tisserant Art & Style continues to use traditional bronze making methods used in 17th and 18th centuries. They hold a vast collection of their own unique pieces, a catalogue of designs to match, the ability to create and design one off custom pieces and timelessly restore bronze creations of the past.

They take pride in the prestige of each of their pieces, each as individual as the hands of the people who have graced them during their making.

Heritage of the past – and heritage for the future. When the Palace of Versailles entrusts Tisserant Art & Style with restoring its chandeliers, they are conserving the past. And when creating the light in the reception hall of the Bangkok Royal Palace, they are contributing to the world heritage of tomorrow.

In this way, we are fortunate enough to be at a crossing-point of cultures, generations, and passions.

France has awarded Tisserant Art & Style the “EPV” mark – (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, “Living Heritage Company”), awarded to companies holding unique craft and industrial expertise.

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Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Specialists in bespoke and custom bronze creations and restorations.

With a deep understanding of the bronze material, its use, and functionality Tisserant Art & Style’s craftspeople strive to make each creation not only functional and decorative but works of art as well. Combining tradition methods, techniques and savoir faire to make pieces for today.

Looking to the past with a view to the future, a family business.

In 1925, newly graduated from the renowned École Boulle school of fine and applied arts and craft, Émile Tisserant took part in the Arts Décoratifs exhibition, where he was among the prize-winners. He founded his own business a few years later, right at the height of the Art Deco style, collaborated with Ruhlmann, and had a hand in producing the luminaires for the liner Normandie.

In the 1970s, his son Bernard Tisserant became the standard-bearer of good taste and strictness, choosing to concentrate more on reproduction chandeliers and restoration work. He too is a graduate of the École Boulle, and has been the Chairman of the Bronze jury for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France) competitions for 15 years.

The company is run today by its founder’s grandson, Antoine Tisserant, who has enhanced the collection with several hundred new models. Never afraid to employ new technologies, he was one of the first to use LEDs in high-class luminaires – like the lantern with rock-crystal doves, produced in partnership with Pierre-Yves Rochon for the “Grand Hotel” in Cap Ferrat.

The 4th generation: Marie and Pierre Tisserant, prepare themselves, train themselves so that this beautiful story is part of the continuity.

Combining style and contemporary design with traditional techniques.