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Artist: Copper, oil and mixed medium

Kaitlin Kraemer

An abstract exploration of nature vs. nurture

Discover the world of Kaitlin Kraemer

Abstract expressionism, rooted in impressionism

Kaitlin Kraemer grew up in greater Boston, MA, USA. She earned her BA in Anthropology and Studio Fine Arts from Union College and received a graduate certificate in Oil Painting from Tufts University. She also completed a summer semester at The Marchutz School of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence, France. Prior to relocating to France in 2018 to focus on her art career, Kaitlin worked in fundraising and development at Harvard University, and in London at The Courtauld Institute of Art and University of the Arts London.

Kaitlin’s artwork has evolved into an abstract exploration of nature vs. nurture, exploring the impact one’s surroundings has on one’s emotional state and physical well-being.

Using vivid colors and chaotic brushstrokes, her paintings and copper work render diverse and contradicting elements that exist in our environment, as well as in ourselves: creation and destruction; tranquility and turmoil; strength and fragility; devotion and neglect – revealing our many beautiful complexities, and challenging viewers to quite literally ‘think outside the box’. Kaitlin is based in Nice, France and exhibits her work locally and internationally.

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Boundless creativity and steeped in heritage

Vivid colours, intrigue and memories

Inspiration for Kaitlin is two-fold; it comes from within, and without.

From the outside world (the environment in which we live, nature, cities, our home, other people, places, things), as well as our internal world (the mind, the heart, the soul). Kaitlin is inspired by nature as well as by the human condition and experience and they interact and repel each other.

Why, what, when, and how we do what we do – why, what, when, and how we see what we see

Kaitlin tries to articulate all of those experiences visually. The simple complexities of the everyday: within, and without.

Abstract expressionism, rooted in impressionism

Kaitlin is quite a prolific painter and her style has evolved considerably since she first began painting. “I have worked very hard to achieve a truly authentic style, one which represents my emotions and inner truth as honestly as possible. I’m obsessed with colour, light and harmony. And, blue! I love the colour blue. Can you tell?”

Kaitlin describes it as we all have many layers, some colourful and some very ugly. Each and every single one of those layers is what makes us individual: the good with the bad, the happy times and the sad. Kaitlin’s artwork is a refection of all a parts of life; our journeys, our stories, and she communicates her experience through her art – “A tangible, technicolor tale of all that makes and breaks us.”