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The craft of artistic lacquer

Atelier Midavaine

The heart of the motivation and activity is creation.To find new trends that resonate with clients

Discover the world of Atelier Midavaine

Lacquer requires a respect, a design, a finish, and time. It is very different from drawing and painting

Established in 1919, Atelier Midavaine is steeped in heritage, expertise and creative flair that continues to excel beyond the imagination of the ever-changing tastes and needs of both designers and clients alike.

Atelier Midavaine’s lacquer work can be defined in four words – True works of art, from large-scale lacquer wall panels and folding screens to elegant furniture of all shapes and sizes, as well as delicate, decorative objects.

Whilst the ancient artistry techniques remain the same at Atelier Midavaine, the vibrant team at are always looking to push the boundaries of their creativity and embrace new and emerging technologies and methods.

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Boundless creativity and steeped in heritage

Admirable heritage

A technique that has been used for centuries but mastered by a few. Atelier Midavaine are proud of their heritage and the evolution of the ancient art that grows with them.

The Home of Atelier Midavaine

The beating heart of the business, the Parisian workshop, has been the home of Atelier Midavaine from the start and has stood the test of time just as its family has done passing the business on through three generations already.

“She had to step into a pair of men’s shoes” as she described it and when it’s her turn to pass on the baton she says with good humour, “the person will need to fit her high heels”.

Today Anne Midavaine runs the business and has done so since 1994 when she gave up pursuing a career as a dental surgeon. This wasn’t because she felt she had to; it is because she wanted to. Anne describes it as going home, following in the footsteps of Louis, of Jacques her grandfather.

Although Anne insists there is a difference between an artist’s work and an artisan’s work, the craftsmanship and creations produced by Atelier Midavaine beg to differ being both creative and stunning.

Proud of the workshop’s long history, Anne reminds us that lacquer involves a delicate dialogue between Asia and Europe.


We cannot show all works due to the discrete nature of the projects we work on but please do get in touch and we can provide you with further information.