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Specialist and enduring bed, bath, and table linens that embody timeless elegance.

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Made for the conscious consumer, without compromising elegance, quality, texture and timeless nature.

Sirimiri are a British, made to order home textiles brand creating exceptional products that are timeless and ethically made for the conscious consumer. Utilising their interior design experience, founders Lucy & Lauren design and make products that are both luxurious and sustainable.

“We aim to meet the needs of future generations without exploiting people, animals, the planet and its resources in the process.”

Lucy & Lauren, Sirimiri

The journey of Sirimiri began in the spring of 2018 following a series of conversations between Lauren and Lucy about sustainability and conscious living. At the time, they were both working for the internationally acclaimed practice Spinocchia Freund, with Lauren holding the position of Design Director and Lucy as Managing Director.

As they became increasingly devoted to practicing sustainability in their personal lives, Lauren and Lucy began to wonder whether this environmentally responsible approach could also be applied to their professional lives. It was then that they started researching the textile industry. Looking beyond the ‘take-make-waste’ manufacturing model that is ever present in the textile industry, they investigated newer, more environmentally conscious ways to create soft furnishings without compromising on quality. Thus, the seed was planted for them to start their own sustainable textile brand, Sirimiri.

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Environmentally & sustainably focused

Sirimiri is dedicated to crafting environmentally and sustainably conscious products that redefine luxury with a conscience. Committed to reducing the environmental footprint of the textile industry, Sirimiri sources only the finest organic and sustainable textiles, such as micromodal, for their soft furnishings. By prioritizing materials that are gentle on the planet and produced through eco-friendly processes, Sirimiri ensures that every product not only meets the highest standards of quality and comfort but also aligns with their commitment to promoting a healthier, more sustainable future.

Organic Cotton & Linen

Organic cotton and linen lines from Sirimiri provide exquisite quality and luxury whilst at the same time promoting an environmental approach. With organic cotton farming significantly reducing carbon emissions by 60%, we prioritise environmental well-being. By choosing organic, we safeguard farmers from harmful chemicals and protect diverse ecosystems from disruption. Our organic linen, sourced from Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, requires only natural rain for irrigation, promoting water conservation. With every part of the flax plant utilised and biodegradable fibres, the linen production ensures zero waste. Woven and finished in Italy with meticulous care, Sirmir’s organic cotton and linen products offer unparalleled luxury with a clear conscience.


Micromodal, sourced from sustainably managed European forests, embodies luxury with an eco-conscious twist. Derived from the inner pulp of trees, harvested in adherence to strict environmental standards, Micromodal offers unparalleled softness without compromising the planet’s resources. With trees grown naturally, requiring minimal irrigation and no chemical fertilisers, the production process minimises ecological impact. Additionally, any solvents used in fiber production are efficiently recovered and reused, further reducing waste. Boasting a yarn yield up to 10 times that of raw cotton, Micromodal exemplifies efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the products are meticulously woven and hand-finished in Italy, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

Rewool & refeather

Re-Wool and Re-Feather epitomise luxury and sustainability seamlessly intertwined. Through innovative processes, these materials retain their luxurious properties while embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility. Re-Wool boasts the sumptuousness of virgin wool, yet it is crafted from recycled fibers, offering the same opulence without compromising on quality.

Similarly, Re-Feather mirrors the plushness of new feathers, delivering unparalleled comfort through ethically sourced and recycled materials. Both materials showcase Sirimiri’s dedication to creating products that are as good as new, ensuring indulgence without ecological impact.

Specialising in bespoke creations

Working collaboratively with you,  Nusom Collective and Sirimir can create custom creations for you and your clients. Drawing upon their extensive interior design experience, Sirimiri frequently collaborate with designers and private clients to curate personalised collections. They oversee every detail, from selecting color palettes to intricate embroidery, utilizing the expertise of highly skilled artisans in Italy and the UK to transform visions into reality.

Co-founder Lauren finds joy in crafting unique motifs tailored to each client’s preferences. Beginning with hand sketches, her conceptual ideas are refined using Photoshop to create the final artwork prior to production.

Sirimiri has crafted bespoke collections for a variety of settings, including spas, chalets, residential homes, and commercial projects. Together with Nusom Collective, Sirimiri can imagine and bring your ideas to life.

Sirmiri are able to offer:

  • Monogram initials from a wide collection of fonts
  • Personalised monograms, motifs and detailed artworks
  • Custom design package
  • Hand embroidery stitching
  • Laser machine stitching

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