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Textiles and wallcoverings

The Vale London

A sense of wonder and curiosity.

Playful and full of surprise or tempered and traditional

Discover the world of The Vale London

Each print and pattern shows the hand of the artist

The Vale of London is an effortless blend of traditional and modern, masculine and feminine, sophisticated and edgy,– an accurate reflection of its founder – American-born, London-bred, global-minded, Melinda Marquardt.

The Vale was founded out of a love for individuality and inspired by the joys of exploration. The Vale’s exquisite textiles start as hand-rendered, original works of art. Each print and pattern encapsulates the  intricate nature of the artwork created by Melinda’s hand, and beckons admirers to inch in closer to discover exquisite detail that is achieved through cultivating relationships with the highest quality mills and printers in the world.

Whilst The Vale’s collections and monikers share a deep sense of home, many of the prints and patterns are inspired by global travels.

A sense of wonder and curiosity is evident in each collection and offers viewers a glimpse of faraway lands and age-old artisanship.

Melinda’s genuine love for people and the planet informs a brand ethos that continuously strives to partner with suppliers that are focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Playful yet considered and sophisticated

Quality that is unique and stunning

With over a decade of experience working at an international level in the interiors industry, Melinda Marquardt, founder of The Vale London, has gained insight into the quality required in order to not only gain confidence in her product but the importance of the service delivered to designers as well. The majority of the collection is available as quick as next day in the UK. Times may vary when shipping abroad.

Something special and unique

What stands The Vale apart in the the industry is that every piece of fabric or wallpaper is a piece of art for the home in its own right. Each pattern is designed by hand, originating as artwork either made from watercolours in the Dutch style, shellac inks, pencil, pen and ink.  Once the pattern is ready to be prototyped, The Vale work intimately with the mills to ensure that no detail of the original artwork is lost in the final product. As an example the embroidery on certain items in the collection use 7 different hand machined techniques in order achieve the detail required to replicate the artwork.

One is transported to the flora-filled jungles of Panama, a safari in Tanzania. The influence and blend of global, artisanal traditions is apparent within each collection. From Venetian marbling to West African mud painting, all art-forms are celebrated and serve as inspiration. The Vale’s collections can be playful and full of surprise or tempered and traditional.

It is the contradiction of classic design paired with modern interpretations that makes The Vale so special.

The vale only use the very best printers and weavers globally, and only purchase earth-friendly materials; 99% of our products are made from all-natural fibres.

Featured Collection


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Timeless Linen

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Philippe Coudray

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Tapissier • Interior dressing specialists

Philippe Coudray

Pushing the limits of excellence and refinement using textiles as a medium.

Discover the world of Philippe Coudray

Elevating craftsmanship to its highest level. Collaboratively pushing boundaries towards the unknown to create the new.

Labeled “Living Heritage Company” since 2015, the Ateliers Philippe Coudray, specialise in quilting, decorative interior installations, creations and restorations that perpetuate the tradition of the upholstery craft.

Based in Paris, a team of professionals creates make and showcase beautiful pieces that include, but not limited to, window decors, bed decors, wall cladding and custom designed seating. Applying expertise and high precision ornaments such as embroidery and passementerie, they embellish their creations just like Haute-Couture.

Installations and products are created for both private and public residences and can be found in some of the most prestigious locations around the world.

Classic or modern, complex or simple, abundant or refined, decorative or technical, it is with patience and skill that each project is conceived and delivery to perfection.

Their knowledge of the different styles and their traditional know-how are at the service of interior architects, designers or decorators creations in order to perpetuate the French-style excellence.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Dexterity and technical ability

With a deep understanding of textiles, their use and functionality Ateliers Philippe Coudray craftsmen strive to make each creation not only decorative but a work of art as well.


The term tapissier was originally used to describe someone who wove tapestries. In the early sixteenth century the term also included anyone who mended tapestries. However by the late sixteenth century, and as it is known today, tapissier was given the additional meaning of someone who crafter  and repaired the upholstery on chairs, curtains, hangings, as well as those who set up the elaborate hangings and dressings on formal stately beds and windows.

Window decor
Classic or modern, complex or simple, abundant or refined, decorative or technical, it is with patience and skill that each window decor is made to measure and by hand by the Ateliers’ upholsterers.
We cooperate with all manufacturers of fabrics in France and abroad and collaborate with the luxury cleaning company Jacques Clément, specialising in cleaning and anti-stain treatment, for additional services requested by our customers.

Wall covering
Tapestries as well as wall and decorative element cladding are technical expertises that are increasingly used by designers & interior architects.

Dexterity and technical ability allow the Ateliers to create a real decor with a special atmosphere in the interiors.

Bed decor
Thanks to a deep understanding of the functionality and comfort of beds, the Ateliers Philippe Cou-dray craftsmen strive to make this major piece of each room a decorative element both classic and modern.

The knowledge of styles, combined with traditional or contemporary technical skills acquired over many years by the Ateliers Philippe Coudray, allows both restoration according to the rule book and creation combining more recent techniques and materials.

The tradition of embroidery is perpetuated as an art craft used in Haute Couture as well as in Interior Design, thus sublimating both classic or contemporary decors.

Art embroidery decorates fabrics with different stitches made with threads – which can be linen, cot-ton, silk, wool, metal, gold threads… sometimes incorporating materials such as spangles, pearls, and even precious stones.

Trimming is a craft and an art which dates back to ancient times. The Guild of the Trimming, whose first articles of association were drawn up in 1403, includes narrow weavers, button makers and other fringe makers. This art falls within the upholstery category.

Creativity & precision areborn through experience

Atelier Midavaine

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The craft of artistic lacquer

Atelier Midavaine

The heart of the motivation and activity is creation.
To find new trends that resonate with clients

Discover the world of Atelier Midavaine

Lacquer requires a respect, a design, a finish, and time. It is very different from drawing and painting

Established in 1919, Atelier Midavaine is steeped in heritage, expertise and creative flair that continues to excel beyond the imagination of the ever-changing tastes and needs of both designers and clients alike.

Atelier Midavaine’s lacquer work can be defined in four words – True works of art, from large-scale lacquer wall panels and folding screens to elegant furniture of all shapes and sizes, as well as delicate, decorative objects.

Whilst the ancient artistry techniques remain the same at Atelier Midavaine, the vibrant team at are always looking to push the boundaries of their creativity and embrace new and emerging technologies and methods.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Boundless creativity and steeped in heritage

Admirable heritage

A technique that has been used for centuries but mastered by a few. Atelier Midavaine are proud of their heritage and the evolution of the ancient art that grows with them.

The Home of Atelier Midavaine

The beating heart of the business, the Parisian workshop, has been the home of Atelier Midavaine from the start and has stood the test of time just as its family has done passing the business on through three generations already.

“She had to step into a pair of men’s shoes” as she described it and when it’s her turn to pass on the baton she says with good humour, “the person will need to fit her high heels”.

Today Anne Midavaine runs the business and has done so since 1994 when she gave up pursuing a career as a dental surgeon. This wasn’t because she felt she had to; it is because she wanted to. Anne describes it as going home, following in the footsteps of Louis, of Jacques her grandfather.

Although Anne insists there is a difference between an artist’s work and an artisan’s work, the craftsmanship and creations produced by Atelier Midavaine beg to differ being both creative and stunning.

Proud of the workshop’s long history, Anne reminds us that lacquer involves a delicate dialogue between Asia and Europe.


We cannot show all works due to the discrete nature of the projects we work on but please do get in touch and we can provide you with further information.



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Italian leather


Boutique leather focusing on keeping things uncomplicated.

Discover the world of Zisu Leather

Superior quality & a beautiful range of colours.

Zisu understands the challenge of finding exactly the right leather for every project can be challenging therefore Zisu’s Custom Leather provides you with the best leather from artisans throughout Italy. Their extensive range, beautiful colours, quality and ability to provide customisation is what sets them apart from others. Offering not only true freedom to specify exact colours but also textures, finishes and FR requirements.

Extensive range, beautiful colours, quality

Zisu has a vast experience within the leather production industry can both interpret and provide the needs and wants of designers and contractors alike.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Custom leather that delivers

Zisu Leather is created by leather experts specifically with interior designers and upholsters in mind. This is reflective in the ability to deliver high a quality product in time and on budget.

Leather types

Click to expand and view collection

Bang Leather

Smooth high gloss aniline leather, finished with resins and waxes

Snap Leather

Aniline dyed high performance leather with a supple hand

Boosh Leather

Smooth aniline dyed leather finished with oils & waxes

Pow Leather

Waxy distressed leather highlighting the natural characteristics

Crackle Leather

High performance leather with consistent grain and uniform colour throughout the hide

Wham Leather

Aniline finished nubuck leather, with a warm and soft feel

Pop Leather

Full aniline, with exceptional colour depth and performance for a leather of its type

Swoosh Leather

Rich and luxurious aniline dyed suede

Unit 89

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Fine ceramic art

Unit 89

Inspired by tactility, vulnerability and the source of emotional human connection

Discover the world of Unit 89

Hand pinched porcelain

Artist Ula Saniawa is a ceramic artist who creates ceramic lighting and installations inspired by vulnerability, tactility and the source of emotional human connection.

Ula first trained in architecture, working with logic, algorithms and mathematical approach to patterns but left her feeling disconnected and paralysed by perfectionism. In her own words,

“the visceral need for grounding in tactility led me to discover clay”.

Her architectural background can still be distinguished in her work, as being mindful of a context is an important part of her work with the intention that her work sits well in a space, offering character without overwhelming it.

The process that drives her work is the innate clash of perfection and imperfection, algorithmic and chaotic. The marks left by her gestures and fingerprints in the porcelain offers the sense of vulnerability and human connection and artistry that drives her work. 

Ula works entirely by hand in unglazed porcelain with additions such as stoneware, oxides, crushed marble, iron etc. Each piece is completely unique, through a different design, material response and slight variation in natural gestures.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together. 

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Hand-pinching clay is intuitive and responsive

Unit 89’s creations come from being able to sense, feel and work with ceramics in a very natural and tactile way.

All of Ula’s work is based on the principle of accumulation of seemingly identical but unique elements, and how they converse between each other. The difference is in the character of each element and how they interact with one another. Ula describes it as her installations are separate, small individual components compiled together in a formulaic manner, whilst with the ceramic vessels it is her gestures that become the prime units.

The creative process

From her London studio Ula’s creations come to life through a delicate and natural process that is also challenging both technically and physically. Ula describes the creative process as being intuitive and responsive and comes naturally to her hand when touching the clay, a direct connection with the raw material but there is a lot more to it than that.

Her stunning creations are time consuming and strenuous on the body, particularly the wrists and finger joints which limits the number of pieces that can be made. Porcelain is also an incredibly fragile material until it is fired. Until then it can collapse on its own when wet, fall part into dust or crack when handling during drying therefore only about one in four of Ula’s pieces make it to the firing.

The challenge of each piece is however worth it when it emerges out of the kiln. The final result; it’s strength, translucency and delicate appearance make the delicate dedication worthwhile.

Place, space & human connection

Ula’s creations are not only about the pieces themselves or the spaces that they inhabit but a combination of scale, light, shadows, texture, height at which they are perceived and the living environment through which people interact and encounter the pieces. It is these interactions and environments that connect space, objects and the human mind in turn bridging beauty and function in a natural way.

It is the not only the architectural space that the pieces inhabit, the scale, the light and shadow, the textures and objects that would surround them and the height at which they would be perceived at, but the context of a living environment and how they impact people that encounter them. It is about building mindful relationships between space, objects and the human engagement.

Clay itself and the natural forces within it become my collaborator and they are especially revealed when pushed to the boundaries, the thinner the clay becomes, the more clearly I see which direction it wants to take.

And Objects

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And Objects

Reinventing the Swedish Grace movement. Unique and playful with romantic charm through design, colour and finish.

Discover the world of And Objects

Functional & beautiful

Martin Brudnizki and Nicholas Jeanes first met at Martin’s eponymous interior design studio in London nine years ago. Together they created the interiors for a client base that included The Royal Academy of Arts, Soho House and Annabels’. But it was designing the products that sit within these spaces that really bonded them.

Co-founded in 2015, And Objects launched with the aim of allowing exclusive access to the designers’ creations. Since then, And Objects has successfully launched a range of furniture and lighting, while also working in partnership and collaborating with leading brands and craftspeople. Today their masterpieces can be found in their collection – a stunning showcase that includes tables, sofas, consoles, bookcases, lamps, wall-lights and stools.

With direct inspiration from the Swedish Grace movement, each piece is extremely unique and communicates a playful romantic charm through design, colour and finish. And Objects design pieces of furniture and objet that perfectly straddle the gap between functionality and beauty, each is individual and is imbued with the playful and yet carefully considered design.

Their pieces are named after an English village and involves a number of individual craftspeople and celebrates the skill, craft, care and attention of each maker, ultimately providing a beautify crafted, timeless and unique piece that not only looks the part but talks, laughs and communicates its fun yet valiant nature.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together. 

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

The best makers and crafts people

We need to surround ourselves with beauty now more than ever. We can’t just stop living.

The best makers and crafts people are critical to every And Objects piece, they work with a selection of the highest quality workshops, artisans and craftsman. The process is collaborative from start to finish. The crafts people work with their designs, test ideas and help innovate until every detail is perfect.

Traditional methods are also extremely important and the time and care taken with every element really shows in each And Objects piece.

Metal work

The idyllic Dorset countryside is the home of the And Objects metal workers. Their team of talented artisans and engineers share our enthusiasm for making challenging and beautiful pieces. Utilising skilled methods in brass and steel from cold forming and casting to precision machining. The metal workers have over thirty years of experience and continue to push the boundaries and bring extraordinary new pieces to life.

And Object’s South London based upholsterer has been creating beautifully crafted one off pieces for over twenty years. All of their solid timber frames are individually constructed using traditional methods and the highest quality materials. Every And Objects piece is crafted by working hand in hand with the upholstery team who are able to expertly translate their designs into the beautiful creations you see in their collection today. From the hand wrapping of leather on our Easton Dining Chair to the bold rolls of the Binderton Sofa, each piece is upholstered with complete care and attention to detail.

Tucked away on a farm in the Hampshire countryside the And Objects craftsmen use traditional woodworking tools and techniques, combined with modern machinery and creative thinking to produce their unique timber finished products.

A small but dedicated team bring years of experience taking the And Objects designs from concept to realisation with the highest level of quality. They work collaboratively through each stage of the process, including timber selection ensuring not only exceptional detail but finish as well.

Featured Collection

Wickham Armchair

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Wickham Ottoman

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Binderton Sofa

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Wherwell Wall Light

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Sam Wigan

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Fine art sculpture

Sam Wigan

Three-dimensional fine art that speaks volumes

Discover the world of Sam Wigan

The joy of a commission is a shared vision made manifest

Sam is an internationally selling sculptor and artist who works almost exclusively to commission and has been appointed by top collectors and royalty.

Early on, Sam was fortunate to study with the great David Wynne who became an incredible friend and mentor, showing him what being a sculptor is really about.

Sam describes the process as one of drawing inner feelings of connection, joy and inspiration out into material form.

Sculpture communicates through the ages, beyond language culture and even eras. As such, he views each sculpture as a precious opportunity to contribute an inner experience or celebration into that future history.

Depending on the specifics and scale of the commission, clients will meet with Sam to discuss the inspiration for the work.

Sam sculpts portraits, figures, animals and abstracts.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

The Purpose of art Is praise

A sculpture commission is a shared journey of inspiration and vision between client and artist

The process

After meeting with a client Sam initially creates a small wax maquette, that can be viewed by the client. Its purpose is to capture the intended form and rhythms for the piece. From there, Sam embarks on the involved process of scaling the work up to full size, at which point clients are again invited for viewing and final adjustments. Finished works are then cast to bronze, silver and gold. As required, Sam will continue his engagement through decisions about plinths, siting and installing works.

For Sam, a sculpture commission is a shared journey of inspiration and vision between client and artist in which a ‘golden thread’ is defined for the work. The success of the work is in maintaining that inspiration through to the finished piece.



Iona Crawford

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Textiles, wallpaper & accessories

Iona Crawford

Uniquely mood-enhancing collections inspired by the romance and beauty of the modern Scottish countryside.

Discover the world of Iona Crawford

Delicate, expressive & curious

Inspired by nature’s vast beauty, artisanal British cloth and exquisite craftsmanship, artist and designer Iona Crawford combines her passions for fine art and design to create a timeless yet directional aesthetic.

An organic extension of Iona’s upbringing on a farm in rural Stirlingshire. Each painterly print is derived from an original artwork, conjured up on location and subsequently translated within her townhouse Atelier in Glasgow’s leafy west end. This direct translation from concept to cloth, wall-covering and furnishing ensures the expressive style and depth of character is vivid.

Whilst Iona’s painterly prints are directional and cement a unique design identity, a harmonious balance is struck between her vibrant, often satirical use of print and their pairing with rich and tonal fabrics.

They consist of earthy and tonal fabrics of Scottish origin including cashmere, linen and leather, as well as silks printed with Iona’s painterly artwork. The combination and contrast of each element results in distinctive, innovative collections which lend themselves to a plethora of interior spaces.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Constant Curiosity

Uniquely mood-enhancing collections for commercial and residential interiors


Iona’s sources of inspiration are vast but all stem from growing up in the vast Scottish lands and all they have to offer. From organic patterns, textures and tones in landscape to birdlife, naturally occurring mineral formations and coexisting species. Nature is the resounding source throughout the collections and conjured up by a childhood spent roaming and exploring the countryside that surrounds her family farm in beautiful Stirlingshire.

British made

Iona Crawford is a champion of British manufacturing with her mills and manufacturing parters within a very close proximity. In here own words “We are very fortunate in our modestly sized country. It makes my heart sing that I can hop on a train/plane or jump in the car to stand shoulder to shoulder with my mills and manufacturing partners within a few short hours, or less.”

It is not only the distance that is a key factor but the design heritage held by Great Britain is both profound and exceptional and the technology capabilities ensure cutting edge innovation.

Glasgow design practice

Iona Crawford is a passionately Glaswegian design practice with an international mindset and market. They are a young, bold and abundantly creative team who hold a futuristic, immersive perspective on design, coupled with a fierce appreciation for heritage, industry and artisanal manufacture.

Clate Grunden

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Clate Grunden

Embracing natural forms that are uniquely designed and crafted. Organic quality that feels like it comes from the earth - embracing the imperfections.

Discover the world of Clate Grunden

Imperfect perfection

In terms of style, Clate’s creations came to life through instinct. The ceramic designs are born out of the “drippie” sculptures (Drippies; miniature sculptures made of sand and water evoking a primordial tower or ancient castle) from his childhood.

Inspiration is drawn from the diversity of the Southern California landscape; the beach, the mountains, the desert, palm trees, succulents, Joshua trees, and driftwood. In addition to nature, Clate draws a lot of the character and structure of his creations from mid-century architecture and furnishings.

“Everything I do is hand built using either slab construction or hand-rolled coils. When building, I like to focus on the inherent quality of the clay, allowing it to take on an organic quality that feels like it comes from the earth. I like to embrace the imperfections.”

Clate’s interest is not in making something that is perfect but wants his hands to be visible, each piece to be unique and the work to have a soul.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together. 

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Appreciation of natural imperfections

Modern and brutalist feel with a focus on being organic and handmade in turn ensuring each piece is unique.

All of Clate’s pieces are crafted by hand from his workshop in California by Clate himself. Each product is inherently unique given the construction qualities but this also means that there is scope to customise the lighting including the finish, mounting and shade.

Customisable collection

In addition to his standard collection, Clate has create bespoke work for some of the world’s finest residences and yachts. His collaborative spirit has led to the development of work for hospitality application in suites at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, and beyond.

We hold a beautiful sample set that can be (seen here) that can be viewed in the Nusom apartment or alternatively we can discuss your requirements over a get together.

Jallu Ébénistes

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Jallu Ébénistes

The secret masters of of French excellence in craftsmanship and design. Their savoir-faire inspiring generations of furniture makers for years to come.

Discover the world of Jallu Ébénistes

Master Craftsman

Jallu Ebénistes are master craftsmen of museum-quality furniture, wall panels, and bespoke commissions for private residences, luxury establishments, and superyachts. The company’s founders—Yann Jallu, member of France’s prestigious Compagnons du Devoir, and Sandra Scolnik-Jallu, designer and aesthetic director—have decades of experience helping esteemed architects and designers realize exquisite projects. Jallu Ebénistes melds ancient materials with impeccable design, construction, and finish. The atelier continually extends aesthetic and technical boundaries, creating liquid-line fusions between wood, metal, stone, and other luxury surfaces. Their technical expertise encompasses straw marquetry, gypse (selenite or crystal gypsum), parchment (vellum), mica, pyrite, and shagreen (galuchat), as well as precious wood veneers and fine metalwork.

Jallu is capable of responding to more technically complicated projects and their goal is to provide the highest quality custom woodwork available.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together. 

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Workshop & Galerie

Exceptional furniture, creative design, cabinet makers, unique pieces, fine materials & straw marquetry.

The Jallu Ébénistes company has been recognised for many years by big names in the architecture and high end interior design industry. Jallu is known for their exceptional talent, furniture and custom designed, made to measure creations.

Each piece is conceptualised and crafted by their skilled team at their workshop in Brittany, France.

Jallu’s galerie is based in the beautiful Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris. Nestled among the most prestigious galleries of the Left Bank, Galerie Jallu exclusively presents their signature Jallu furniture, unique pieces and limited editions that make up the “Jallu Collection”.

Jallu regularly attend prestigious events including PAD Paris, Monaco Yacht Show, Salone del Mobile Milan

Finishes & Materials


Green Mica



Straw Marquetry