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Atelier Tortil

Disruptive high-end lifestyleBorn in Paris, inspired by the world

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Creating art de vivre by bringing together craftsmanship and design

Rather than the somewhat hackneyed word “collaboration”, Atelier Tortil prefers the poetic term “cahier” (workbook). A piece of work written by six hands, involving an artist or designer, a design director and an artisan.

As if a new story and a new language were invented with each unique project.

In addition to our collections of carpets and furniture, Atelier Tortil develops small limited-edition ranges, created in collaboration with designers or artists, painters or visual artists, and drawing on other disciplines to which life, and shared sensibilities, may lead the studio.

More than ever, with these Cahiers d’Artistes, everything is a matter of encounters and interpretation. For what Atelier Tortil seeks to write with these cahiers is not a copy – there is no question of duplicating the work of artists on a carpet or a piece of furniture – but rather an expression of such work. Through these projects, designer, design director and artisan combine their inspirations and know-how to offer an adaptation, a creative and technical translation of a motif or a style that becomes a new and original story. For each of these limited-edition ranges, a real cahier, a published catalogue, will be specially designed to transpose and embody the story told by the object and its creation process.

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Playful yet considered and sophisticated

Celebrating nature and form.Translating into art and function.

Atelier Tortil is a meeting of savoir-faire and exceptional design, intended for the creation of high-end rugs, carpets , furniture, and lighting. Above all, they offer 360° approach which is organised around a tailor-made service and creations designed and produced specifically for projects, in dialogue with interior designers, architects and decorators.

Soul & Passion ~ the perfect combination.

Jean-Pierre Tortil is a highly experienced creative designer with over 30 years of expertise in high-end decorative arts. He began his career in 20th century decorative arts galleries before honing his skills as an editor with Michel Boyer, an esteemed interior designer. In the early 90’s he became the Managing Director of Ecart International and Licenses Andrée Putman, where he developed brands and collections worldwide.

With this experience and the knowledge gained, he created his own interior design studio, focused primarily on high-end residential projects, and also developed furniture for prestigious brands such as Christophe Delcourt, Tai Ping in Paris, and Firma Casa in São Paulo.

In the late 2000’s Jean-Pierre persued a change of directon and moved to Brazil where he lived for ten years pursuing his interest in architecture and the Brazilian decorative arts of the 20th century. After a very creative and diverse few years, he then returned to Europe in 2011 to relaunch the Cogolin carpet factory. In 2014, he was appointed global artistic director of House of Tai Ping, which brings together the iconic brands Cogolin, Edward Fields and Tai Ping.

It was in 2019 through his diverse and enriching experiences, Atelier Tortil was born – a high-end lifestyle brand in conjunction with a team of quality designers and craftspeople who offer beautiful tailor-made products with a bespoke service for an international clientele.

Rugs and carpets

Atelier Tortil offers a range of bespoke and creative rug designs that are either hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flat-woven or a combination using a variety of fine materials. Their rugs are inspired by natural landscapes, clean lines and designed to provide texture, elegance, colour and creativity to a room or space.

The different knotting techniques, materials, and colours used in the collections result in soft optical vibrations and evoke the magic of the alchemy and dialogue between water, vegetation, sky, and earth.

Furniture and lighting

With Jean-Pierre’s direction, vision, and creativity Atelier Tortil remains faithful to their commitment to aesthetics, passion for architecture, simple lines based on a subtle balance, the use of noble materials including brass, marble and oak, crafted in different finishes that allow for sophisticated details, generous, soft and imposing shapes and for both extreme comfort and elegance.

Atelier Tortil’s collections offer something unique and can be purchased as they are or with a dedicated in house team of expert designers they can imagine and shape a custom piece for you.

Atelier Tortil produce rugs with a combination of natural fibres that make them not only sustainable but unique and decorative as works of art in their own right.

Featured Collections

Each Atelier Toril project we work on is a custom collaboration with the designer with customisation welcomed. If you would like information or arrange a get together to run through your rug requirements please get in touch or enquire here 

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