Steeped in heritage and ancient artistry techniques our artisans  are always looking at ways to push the boundaries their creativity whilst embracing new and emerging technologies and methods.

Installations & Sculpture

Often a space is not complete until a statement-making piece finds its way inside. Our collection of custom installations and sculptures provide the perfect opportunity not only enhance a space but make it your own.


Art is all around us, in many forms and walks of life. Our showcase is of  available artworks that are in stock and available to purchase or can be used as inspiration for private commissions.


Every rug is the result of vivid imagination and incredible creative skill – the product of a colourful and fascinating journey that renders each piece unique.


Extensive range, beautiful colours, quality and customisation. Offering not only true freedom to specify exact colours but also textures, finishes and FR requirements.


Crafted by the hand of the artist behind the designs, our collection of wallcoverings bring beauty, elegance and meaning to your spaces.


Exquisite precision and detail displaying craftsmanship and creativity. Accessories that are functional in use and timeless in nature.


Creative fabrics that blend artistic prowess, heritage and craftsmanship that when combined add life and character to a room. Luxurious in nature and feel.


Our lighting collection covers wall, table and floor lights that add warmth, atmosphere and ambience to a space. Lighting can transform a room and set the mood at the flick of a switch.


Our variety of chairs, stools and sofas are the perfect compliment to any interior seating opportunity. Our collections is created by master craftsman and most can be customised.


We work with the finest makers in the industry. Their creations are not only functional but works of art in their own right.