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A sense of wonder and curiosity.Playful and full of surprise or tempered and traditional

Discover the world of The Vale London

Each print and pattern shows the hand of the artist

The Vale of London is an effortless blend of traditional and modern, masculine and feminine, sophisticated and edgy,– an accurate reflection of its founder – American-born, London-bred, global-minded, Melinda Marquardt.

The Vale was founded out of a love for individuality and inspired by the joys of exploration. The Vale’s exquisite textiles start as hand-rendered, original works of art. Each print and pattern encapsulates the  intricate nature of the artwork created by Melinda’s hand, and beckons admirers to inch in closer to discover exquisite detail that is achieved through cultivating relationships with the highest quality mills and printers in the world.

Whilst The Vale’s collections and monikers share a deep sense of home, many of the prints and patterns are inspired by global travels.

A sense of wonder and curiosity is evident in each collection and offers viewers a glimpse of faraway lands and age-old artisanship.

Melinda’s genuine love for people and the planet informs a brand ethos that continuously strives to partner with suppliers that are focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Playful yet considered and sophisticated

Quality that is unique and stunning

With over a decade of experience working at an international level in the interiors industry, Melinda Marquardt, founder of The Vale London, has gained insight into the quality required in order to not only gain confidence in her product but the importance of the service delivered to designers as well. The majority of the collection is available as quick as next day in the UK. Times may vary when shipping abroad.

Something special and unique

What stands The Vale apart in the the industry is that every piece of fabric or wallpaper is a piece of art for the home in its own right. Each pattern is designed by hand, originating as artwork either made from watercolours in the Dutch style, shellac inks, pencil, pen and ink.  Once the pattern is ready to be prototyped, The Vale work intimately with the mills to ensure that no detail of the original artwork is lost in the final product. As an example the embroidery on certain items in the collection use 7 different hand machined techniques in order achieve the detail required to replicate the artwork.

One is transported to the flora-filled jungles of Panama, a safari in Tanzania. The influence and blend of global, artisanal traditions is apparent within each collection. From Venetian marbling to West African mud painting, all art-forms are celebrated and serve as inspiration. The Vale’s collections can be playful and full of surprise or tempered and traditional.

It is the contradiction of classic design paired with modern interpretations that makes The Vale so special.

The vale only use the very best printers and weavers globally, and only purchase earth-friendly materials; 99% of our products are made from all-natural fibres.

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