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Seema Krish

"bringing life into living" through beautifully hand crafted textiles

Discover the world of Seema Krish

Heirloom textiles that blend deep heritage and iconic craftsmanship with a refined modernity.

Founded in 2012, Seema Krish finds inspiration through her unique visual experiences harnessed through having lived and worked between eastern and western cultures including Bombay, New York, Boston and her home town, San Francisco where the business resides today.

Seema Krish has dedicated her business to telling the story of Indian craftsmanship through a collection of textiles and wallcoverings. Each is individually designed by Seema and made by hand, giving new content to time-honoured techniques of hand block printing, embroidery, and weaving.

I was always interested in art and drawing from my younger days growing up in Bombay. I pursued an education in design, first in Bombay and then in New York City at the Fashion Institute. During my Foundation Art programme, I fell in love with textiles.

The collection starts with paint and paper in her San Francisco studio and then translated by master artisans in Bangalor, India. Seema works extremely closely with the artisans to not only bring her designs to life but harness their historic techniques that in turn helps preserve and promote Indian handicrafts across the globe.

It is this celebration of heritage craft which is at the heart of Seema’s design philosophy, the desire to preserve and honour these long-established craft traditions. This is evident through her collection of textiles and wallcoverings that offer extraordinary colour, pattern, quality and are truly distinctive and unique.

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Ethical • Created with a duty of care

Beauty and depth is created through the attention to detail and the very hands of the craftspeople involved

Seema Krish pride themselves on not only producing quality products but  ensuring they are ethical as well. Their ethos is centred on the belief that an object is only truly beautiful when it is created in a way that is mindful of our community and our planet’s resources.

Collections with purpose, value and care

Designed for longevity
Seema Krish’s textiles and wallcoverings are crafted with the highest possible standard of quality and care so as they can be cherished for a lifetime. printing and digital printing.

Circular materials
Their hand-block printed textiles are crafted using GOTS-certified dyes on cotton, linen, and wool — natural fibres that, at the end of their life cycles, are safely biodegradable.  Wallcoverings are digitally printed in the United States using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – certified paper grounds and water-based latex inks. Wallcoverings printed on grass cloth use sisal, a sustainable, renewable fibre from the agave plant that is sun-dried for low energy production.

Waste Reduction
Textile remnants of all sizes are repurposed into home decor items, accessories, and quilting kits. Samples and seconds are donated to local San Fransisco Bay Area organizations, including Make It Home, which furnishes homes of newly-housed foster kids and formerly homeless families with donated furniture and household goods.

Fair Working Conditions
Seema Krish and her team regularly visit our trusted partner workshops in Bangalore and work to maintain long-term relationships through open communication and mutual feedback. Each of their workshops is committed to providing fair wages and healthcare to the artisans they employ. Their block printing workshop is a woman-owned business that follows ISO 2600 standards for social responsibility and aligns to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal for sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Honouring Craft
India’s legacy of handmade craft is honoured by supporting traditional production techniques, many of which have remained unchanged for centuries. In an economic climate that increasingly prioritises speed and convenience, Seema Krish is proud to help sustain these traditions with the hope that they will continue to flourish for generations to come.

Economic Empowerment
Seema Krish have partnered with Bangalore-based nonprofit MITU Foundation to create their samples. Founded in 2009, MITU focuses on empowering women by providing education about the menstrual cycle: a natural and universal biological process that — due to lack of tools and information — contributes to exceedingly high school dropout rates for young girls in rural India. A portion of the income MITU generates from producing their samples helps fund its initiatives to uplift women and provide opportunities for economic advancement.

Giving Back
Seema Krish have committed to contributing 5% of their net profits each year towards community initiatives in both India and the US. They periodically organise quilting kit fundraisers with 100% of proceeds donated to causes we believe in, including the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Movement Voter Project.

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