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Fine art sculpture

Sam Wigan

Three-dimensional fine art that speaks volumes

Discover the world of Sam Wigan

The joy of a commission is a shared vision made manifest

Sam is an internationally selling sculptor and artist who works almost exclusively to commission and has been appointed by top collectors and royalty.

Early on, Sam was fortunate to study with the great David Wynne who became an incredible friend and mentor, showing him what being a sculptor is really about.

Sam describes the process as one of drawing inner feelings of connection, joy and inspiration out into material form.

Sculpture communicates through the ages, beyond language culture and even eras. As such, he views each sculpture as a precious opportunity to contribute an inner experience or celebration into that future history.

Depending on the specifics and scale of the commission, clients will meet with Sam to discuss the inspiration for the work.

Sam sculpts portraits, figures, animals and abstracts.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

The Purpose of art Is praise

A sculpture commission is a shared journey of inspiration and vision between client and artist

The process

After meeting with a client Sam initially creates a small wax maquette, that can be viewed by the client. Its purpose is to capture the intended form and rhythms for the piece. From there, Sam embarks on the involved process of scaling the work up to full size, at which point clients are again invited for viewing and final adjustments. Finished works are then cast to bronze, silver and gold. As required, Sam will continue his engagement through decisions about plinths, siting and installing works.

For Sam, a sculpture commission is a shared journey of inspiration and vision between client and artist in which a ‘golden thread’ is defined for the work. The success of the work is in maintaining that inspiration through to the finished piece.