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Italian leather

Zisu Leather

Boutique leather focusing on keeping things uncomplicated.

Discover the world of Zisu Leather

Superior quality & a beautiful range of colours.

Zisu understands the challenge of finding exactly the right leather for every project can be challenging therefore Zisu’s Custom Leather provides you with the best leather from artisans throughout Italy. Their extensive range, beautiful colours, quality and ability to provide customisation is what sets them apart from others. Offering not only true freedom to specify exact colours but also textures, finishes and FR requirements.

Extensive range, beautiful colours, quality

Zisu has a vast experience within the leather production industry can both interpret and provide the needs and wants of designers and contractors alike.

Please contact us for further information or a get-together.

Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Custom leather that delivers

Zisu Leather is created by leather experts specifically with interior designers and upholsters in mind. This is reflective in the ability to deliver high a quality product in time and on budget.

Leather types

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Pop Leather

Full aniline, with exceptional colour depth and performance for a leather of its type

Swoosh Leather

Rich and luxurious aniline dyed suede

Bang Leather

Smooth high gloss aniline leather, finished with resins and waxes

Snap Leather

Aniline dyed high performance leather with a supple hand

Boosh Leather

Smooth aniline dyed leather finished with oils & waxes

Pow Leather

Waxy distressed leather highlighting the natural characteristics

Crackle Leather

High performance leather with consistent grain and uniform colour throughout the hide

Wham Leather

Aniline finished nubuck leather, with a warm and soft feel