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Philippe Coudray

Pushing the limits of excellence and refinement using textiles as a medium.

Discover the world of Philippe Coudray

Elevating craftsmanship to its highest level. Collaboratively pushing boundaries towards the unknown to create the new.

Labeled “Living Heritage Company” since 2015, the Ateliers Philippe Coudray, specialise in quilting, decorative interior installations, creations and restorations that perpetuate the tradition of the upholstery craft.

Based in Paris, a team of professionals creates make and showcase beautiful pieces that include, but not limited to, window decors, bed decors, wall cladding and custom designed seating. Applying expertise and high precision ornaments such as embroidery and passementerie, they embellish their creations just like Haute-Couture.

Installations and products are created for both private and public residences and can be found in some of the most prestigious locations around the world.

Classic or modern, complex or simple, abundant or refined, decorative or technical, it is with patience and skill that each project is conceived and delivery to perfection.

Their knowledge of the different styles and their traditional know-how are at the service of interior architects, designers or decorators creations in order to perpetuate the French-style excellence.

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Master craftsman • Proven savoir faire

Dexterity and technical ability

With a deep understanding of textiles, their use and functionality Ateliers Philippe Coudray craftsmen strive to make each creation not only decorative but a work of art as well.


The term tapissier was originally used to describe someone who wove tapestries. In the early sixteenth century the term also included anyone who mended tapestries. However by the late sixteenth century, and as it is known today, tapissier was given the additional meaning of someone who crafter  and repaired the upholstery on chairs, curtains, hangings, as well as those who set up the elaborate hangings and dressings on formal stately beds and windows.

Window decor
Classic or modern, complex or simple, abundant or refined, decorative or technical, it is with patience and skill that each window decor is made to measure and by hand by the Ateliers’ upholsterers.
We cooperate with all manufacturers of fabrics in France and abroad and collaborate with the luxury cleaning company Jacques Clément, specialising in cleaning and anti-stain treatment, for additional services requested by our customers.

Wall covering
Tapestries as well as wall and decorative element cladding are technical expertises that are increasingly used by designers & interior architects.

Dexterity and technical ability allow the Ateliers to create a real decor with a special atmosphere in the interiors.

Bed decor
Thanks to a deep understanding of the functionality and comfort of beds, the Ateliers Philippe Cou-dray craftsmen strive to make this major piece of each room a decorative element both classic and modern.

The knowledge of styles, combined with traditional or contemporary technical skills acquired over many years by the Ateliers Philippe Coudray, allows both restoration according to the rule book and creation combining more recent techniques and materials.

The tradition of embroidery is perpetuated as an art craft used in Haute Couture as well as in Interior Design, thus sublimating both classic or contemporary decors.

Art embroidery decorates fabrics with different stitches made with threads – which can be linen, cot-ton, silk, wool, metal, gold threads… sometimes incorporating materials such as spangles, pearls, and even precious stones.

Trimming is a craft and an art which dates back to ancient times. The Guild of the Trimming, whose first articles of association were drawn up in 1403, includes narrow weavers, button makers and other fringe makers. This art falls within the upholstery category.

Creativity & precision areborn through experience