Textiles, wallpaper & accessories inspired by nature’s vast beauty

Delicate, expressive and curious

Inspired by nature’s vast beauty, artisanal British cloth and exquisite craftsmanship, artist and designer Iona Crawford combines her passions for fine art and design to create a timeless yet directional aesthetic.

An organic extension of Iona’s upbringing on a farm in rural Stirlingshire. Each painterly print is derived from an original artwork, conjured up on location and subsequently translated within her townhouse Atelier in Glasgow’s leafy west end. This direct translation from concept to cloth, wall-covering and furnishing ensures the expressive style and depth of character is vivid.

Whilst Iona’s painterly prints are directional and cement a unique design identity, a harmonious balance is struck between her vibrant, often satirical use of print and their pairing with rich and tonal fabrics. They consist of earthy and tonal fabrics of Scottish origin including cashmere, linen and leather, as well as silks printed with Iona’s painterly artwork. The combination and contrast of each element results in distinctive, innovative collections which lend themselves to a plethora of interior spaces.

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“Uniquely mood-enhancing collections inspired by the romance and beauty of the modern Scottish countryside"

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